Africans and the making of the Atlantic oops, Neo-colonial world ?

Where are the Atlantic World pseudo specialists of Africa who made the propaganda that Africans had the means and weapons to defend themselves against the slave raiders during the Atlantic Slave Trade?

Where are they, those who share their ideas, those who defend the idea that if Slave Trade had been practised on the mainland it was because Slavery in Africa was a constant system in the history of the continent and in the African Societies?

Because of them, Presidents like Sarkozy could openly say in 2007 that France imperialism (Slave trade and colonization) :

« is not responsible for all the current problems of Africa. It is not responsible for the bloody wars that Africans take place among them. It is not responsible for genocides. It is not responsible for dictatorships. It is not responsible for fanaticism. It is not responsible for corruption, prevarication. It is not responsible for wastage and pollution. »

So what is the army of Sarkozy doing in Côte d’Ivoire? Does the Ivoirian army have the means and weapons to defend Laurent Gbagbo ? Who will pay the bill after the enthroning of their chosen candidate ?

Indeed, Sarkozy is making this war to support the rebels of his friend Alassane Ouattara. Even the rebels do not have the power in terms of weapons to do this war. But they team up with par of the ONUCI and they are right now perpetrating a genocide in Côte d’Ivoire with the consent of the so-call international community.

Thus, when it is time to write the history of the end of Gbagbo’s regime, may be the same historians who fabricated the nonsense of African slavery, the auto-proclaimed experts of African societies will find out that the genocide is not stimulated by the French army but by Ouattara’s Rebels or Gbagbo’s Army.


Oh yeah, at the end, they will accuse Africans. Thus, for the umpteenth time, France is bringing civilization to the Africans and it always finds middlemen and mercenaries that will be there to defend the idea that it is the fault of their peoples … sutor, ne supra crepidam.
There are VERY SHOCKING images circulation on the net about the Tribalcide !!!!(It may be a propaganda and not the truth, but let’s see them as a warning, something that we can avoid.)

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