Dear President Obama you should be the last man on this earth to attack the sovereignty of African nations.

You must remember that,

Every time African institutions are beginning to take shape, there is always an external force to vitiate them. This was true during the Atlantic slave trade when African social organizations were depraved. As for the colonial period that has imposed a system that continues to undermine Africa’s development.

Mr. President why can’t you respect the decision of the Constitutional Council of Côte d’Ivoire that has chosen Laurent Gbagbo as the president of the country ?

Mr. President you know that since 2002 a rebellion is sabotaging his regime, the same rebellion that you have chosen to back as the winner of the last presidential elections?

Mr. President, what is the political system in Libya that Gaddafi has tried to build for over 40 years?

What is the record of Gaddafi’s reign, are you willing to assimilate it to a dictatorship?
What do you mean by the dictator Gadhafi?

Do you really believe that a tribal rebellion will bring unity and democracy in Libya?

What do you do of Gaddafi’s political engagement in Africa? Have you forgotten that he has fought apartheid?

Sir, I do not believe that a democratic political system is a precooked system that you can impose to African Nations… Yes African Institutions are not perfect. Yet they need time to be acceptable but always perfectible !

And above all Mr. President, do not forget where you come from and so listen to what Minister Farakhan has to say…

(Seen on gri gri international)

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